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The Book Cover Co presents a range of quality EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) security strips and labels. These tags can be deactivated and reactivated with many security systems, and are fully compatible with a wide range of security systems including Tattletape™  , Dialoc™   and Checkpoint™ .

If you would like a sample for testing, please contact us and we'll be happy to mail you some.

Book Security Tags
These widely used adhesive security strips can be inserted into the spine of a book, behind a dust jacket or anywhere else inconspicuous.  

Available in single or double sided adhesive, for use in paperback and hardcover books.

Compatible with most major systems.  A standard box contains 1,000 tags.

CD Security Labels
Two security strips are incorporated into a clear protective label. When applied to the top of a CD or DVD, the label protects the disc against theft and physical damage.  It also locks any labels or marking onto the disc.

 The label does not affect the usability of the disc, and the security tags are carefully positioned so that the balance of the disc is unaffected.
CD EAS tag
CD Security tags
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Security Tags (EAS)

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EAS Security labels - CD/DVD Double strip x 100
EAS CD/DVD Security label - Double strip - 100 pack
EAS Security labels - CD/DVD Single strip x 100
EAS CD/DVD Security label - 100 pack
EAS Security Strip - 6.5
EAS Security Strip - Books / Magazines - Double sided
EAS Security Strip - 6.5
EAS Security Strip - Books / Magazines - Single sided

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