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Centurion  is a range of high quality, non adhesive PVC book covering film.  This film provides quick and effective protection of books, while enhancing their appearance but without the permanence of self adhesive films.

Centurion may be used for covering hard back books with or without dustjackets, as well as covering paperbacks.   For quick and effective covering, particularly in high turnover environments such as bookshops, a piece of Centurion book covering can be cut to the width of the dust jacket cover, folded at the top and bottom and the dust jacket replaced.  This gives immediate protection with very little investment of time.  

Clear film can also be used for a wide range of other applications, such as protecting hanging prints or artworks without laminating or framing.
Centurion PVC  When choosing Centurion, allow a minimum of 25mm top and bottom for a fold over, so if your book is 250mm tall, you would choose a film no shorter than 300mm.    If you are requiring a custom width, please contact us.
  Gloss or Satin

  25M, 50M, 100M
PVC film is the most common material used in this sort of covering.  It provides excellent long lasting protection for books, folds and handles very well and improves the appearance.  

While some gloss PVC film has the problem of sticking to other covered books when on the shelf, we take care in supplying a very high quality film which has very low self adhesion.

This is the same high quality grade of film used in Unifold and Unifold Pro.

If you are looking for a non adhesive archival film for long term storage, please see our Pro-Lene product page.

Centurion Gloss rolls

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Centurion PVC Film

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Centurion PVC 235mm x 25M
PVC Covering 100 micron, 235mm x 25M
Centurion PVC 235mm x 50M
PVC Covering 100 micron, 235mm x 50M
Centurion PVC 235mm x 100M
PVC Covering 100 micron, 235mm x 100M
Centurion PVC 300mm x 25M
PVC Covering 100 micron, 300mm x 25M
Centurion PVC 300mm x 50M
PVC Covering 100 micron, 300mm x 50M
Centurion PVC 300mm x 100M
PVC Covering 100 micron, 300mm x 100M
Centurion PVC 350mm x 25M
PVC Covering 100 micron, 350mm x 25M
Centurion PVC 350mm x 50M
PVC Covering 100 micron, 350mm x 50M
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