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Centurion PVC Crystal Cover is a polyester film, similar to Mylar in feel and handling.  Acid free, non yellowing and long lasting, it is perfect for a range of conservation and general book covering uses.

With a smooth, high gloss finish and crystal clarity, it enhances the appeareance of books while offering a high degree of protection.

It has excellent ageing qualities, won’t become yellow or brittle over time.

Easy to work with, Crystal Cover will hold a hard crease without fracturing along the fold line.

This type of film is often sold in very wide rolls and a limited range of lengths.  With our range of widths and lengths, this professional quality covering now become more affordable and convenient.  
  • Ultra High Clarity
  • Non Yellowing
  • Won't sag with age
  • Doesn't break on fold lines
  • Acid Free
  • Archival Quality

Polyester film is widely used for conservation and archival uses, as it is known to have an extremely long shelf life. 

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