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Flexicote is a durable semi rigid 250 micron thick covering, supplied in sheets.  It adds rigidity and durability to the book.  2 sheets are required per book, so a pack of 100 sheets will cover 50 books.

  1. One sheet is applied to the front of the book, and another to the back.
  2. Space is left at the hinge of the book to allow it to open.
  3. Trim flush to edges rather than folding, as it is too rigid.
  4. Thick spine tape is used to protect the spine of the book.

Flexicote 250

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Flexicote - Size 1
Flexicote Size 1 - 150mm x 220mm (A5)
Flexicote - Size 2
Flexicote 250 - Size 2 (A4) - 210mm x 297mm
Flexicote - Size 3
Flexicote 250 - Size 3 - 240mm x 315mm
Flexicote - Size 4
Flexicote 250 - Size 4 - (A4) - 297 X 420

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